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Alles over Harry Potter
 Het Harry Potter Forum : Welkom iedereen! : Alles over Harry Potter
Onderwerp: 6 uur nieuw Behind the Scenes beeldmateriaal HP 1 Beantwoord bericht Plaats een nieuw onderwerp
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Richie Potters
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Quote Richie Potters Beantwoordbullet Onderwerp: 6 uur nieuw Behind the Scenes beeldmateriaal HP 1
    Geplaatst op: 29 september 2019 om 09:49

De achter de schermen beelden zijn voornamelijk geschoten door David Heyman en er zit heel wat bijzonders tussen!

De bijna ZES uur aan achter de schermen beeldmateriaal van Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

De beelden komen van de site; ze verkopen licenties voor hun historische video's. Tot vorige week stonden de beelden gratis te bekijken als preview voor de betaalde beelden maar daarna zijn ze de previews helemaal verborgen. Voor 10-40 dollar per seconde kun je het origineel beeldmateriaal kopen..

Gelukkig was de youtuber ᴋᴀᴛʏᴀ ᴋᴏʙᴢᴀ hen voor en heeft ze de preview beelden van HP1 gedownload, achter elkaar gezet (niet chronologisch), het watermerk van Huntleyarchives ervan af getoverd en het online gezet.

Kijk gerust op de site voor meer films uit het verleden, misschien staan er meer gratis te bekijken.

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Richie Potters
Bosverruchtelijk Fris!

Lid geworden: 16 juli 2009
Online status: Offline
Berichten: 322
Quote Richie Potters Beantwoordbullet Geplaatst op: 29 september 2019 om 09:51
Dit zijn de timestamps:

00:00:22 - David Heyman and Maggie Smith in the background. She is in a classroom scene with a blackboard "A Felinifors" and "cross species species" Maggie Smith has her makeup touched up
00:01:01 - Crew and handlers with an owl.
00:01:18 - Maggie Smith in green tweed and bonnet surrounded by camermen and the director speaks.
00:02:00 - Presents being packed in a workshop.
00:02:19 - The catering team feed the crew. Server says its not her better side. Fridge full of Birthday cakes "Happy Birthday Harry "
00:03:38 - Harry Potter behind the scenes as the director and Daniel Radcliffe watches on the monitors as the director explains how he wants it differently.
00:04:39 - 2000's The crew collect a pile of letters for the shot of the letters arriving at the Dursleys, all the crew sorting letters. A machine for scattering letters.
00:08:49 - Daniel Radcliffe does a magic trick with cards.
00:14:10 - The crew discuss the makeup on a character and what it should look like to achieve the effect they need. It might be the face of Voldemort, they stand on the set and discuss. (some is difficult to hear because the background noise on set.)
ueling across a number of paintings and the other moving paintings in the common room and Dumbledore's office all discussed, how to set up the shots and what to cgi and the problems of the size of the paintings. A woman sketches the sequence in her notepad.
00:30:18 - Cupboard under the Stairs sequence is being filmed The director drinks tea and directs Daniel Radcliffe all the crew and cameras in vision. DR talks to the crew and about the plaster coming down on him. DR asks for a "girly face for the camera" some funny photo bombing from DR to camera comments. John Ridley was in Hawkwind he points out. DR is clearly now filming. "Annie is always right about everything" Peter Rob is pretending to work. DR goes to a number of crew members. The under the cupboard sequence is filmed. Amanda continuity is checked.
00:58:15 - The Dursleys house and the sequence with Letters down the Chimney.
01:15:57 - Dudley presents scene.
01:33:29 - Dan is talking to the camera.
01:40:14 - Mom takes Dan from the set. Chris Columbus with his family.
01:50:47 - Gringotts scene. Goblins makeup.
02:15:17 - Scene on the water first meeting with Hogwarts.
02:43:03 - Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint behind the scenes with the cast and crew. Director filming a broomstick flying in a castle grounds.
02:44:55 - DR and RG in a train carriage. RG talks to the director and a take is taken. DR has a the wizard card. we see the take on the monitor. a few takes.
02:51:52 - A cat is prepared by making its fur spiky they think it's too cute and need it meaner.
02:55:12 - The crew eat lunch whilst looking over storyboard plan with the lamp passing a gate.
03:07:58 - The hairdressing dept discuss Dumbledore.
03:09:20 - Owl handlers with white barn owl.
03:09:38 - Artificial snow being spread over a yard. DR then filmed with Hedwig. In a cloister.
03:24:50 - Classroom scene. Transfiguration Lesson
03:43:21 - The first day of filming.
Filming at the railway station as Harry boards the Hogwarts train at Hogsmeade Station. A very young Daniel Radcliffe. Hagrid or Robbie Coltrane on the station platform. Scene where Harry hugs Hagrid and boards the train is filmed.
03:45:21 - Emma Watson introduces herself to camera and answers a couple of questions. It is her first day filming on Harry Potter.
03:47:06 - Emma in the make up trailer getting ready for filming. Her hair is being plaited and she is being interviewed.
03:47:49 - Daniel in make up and he chats to the camera man about results in the London Olympics.
03:49:00 - A shy Rupert Grint is having his hair done and gets embarrassed about being filmed with clips in his hair.
03:49:29 - Daniel is dark wrap around sunglasses, has his tie adjusted. The young cast chat with film crew before filming starts. They are nervous and excited.
03:51:16 - Crew watching monitors.
03:51:44 - Harry Potter waves out the door of the train and it pulls out of the station.
03:52:44 - Hogsmeade station sign.
03:53:00 - Child cast members gathered in Alnwick Castle grounds holding broomsticks. They aren't in costume. Rehearsals. Chris Columbus directs the actors.
03:55:19 - Zoe Wanamaker reading script on the side lines.
03:56:16 - View of the crew setting up, filmed from the roof top. Various scenes of the castle's exterior and courtyards.
04:00:51 - Filming of the scene where Zoe, Madame Hooch, teaches the wizards how to use their broomsticks. A huge amount of time is spent filming one particularly student.
04:06:09 - Emma Watson pretending to be a vampire as she chats with crew while waiting for her scene.
Rupert and Daniel chatting to each other. Emma, Rupert and Daniel muck around with a camera, but Daniel isn't really interested. The three play a hand clapping game
04:16:26 - etting ready for a scene with multiple Hogswart student on their brook sticks. Zoom in on Matthew Lewis playing the role of Neville Longbottom. Matthew "rides" his broom. The whole scene is filmed where Neville takes to the air. Matthew practises his broom skills ahead of filming. The scene is filmed again. Chris Columbus films Matthew flying his broom, by lying on the ground and filming below him.
04:37:04 - Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy plays hand slapping game with Emma and Daniel during down time.
04:40:35 - Meal time in mess tent.
04:40:45 - irector gives instructions in more broom stick scenes. More rehearsals focusing on Daniel and Emma. More hand slapping games amongst the kids whilst waiting for filming.
04:44:33 - Production crew on their phones.
04:54:07 - At the leaky Cauldron pub crew wander around adjusting things lighting etc while the cast wait in costume for the scene to beginning. Make up artist works on a cast member and asks opinion of director. Large panavision camera. Radios and mobile off quiet on set please smoke effect and fan roll take one "Bless my soul its Harry Potter" Daniel Radcliffe and ...Hagrid Robbie Coltrane he keeps messing up his lines "fuck" "shit"he says takes go on. Ian Hart prof Quirrell and Derek Deadman as Leaky caldron bartender.
The great hall sequence with the floating candles director says he wants people to be amazed. Scene with Quirrell entering great hall
05:07:40 - The great hall sequence with the floating candles director says he wants people to be amazed.
05:24:43 - Dumbledore speech scene.
05:29:31 - Halloween. Scene with Quirrell entering. great hall.
05:41:05 - Emma Watson in 2000's in the lead up to her playing Hermione Granger in the first Harry Potter film. She is interviewed about her teeth test. She had false teeth to wear as part of her look as Hermione Granger.
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