The Second Part

The second part of the quest has arrived! Roy gets out his pink cloth, everybody gets really hungry, Jessie has a Snape-moment and the gang encounters a dangerous bridge. It's crazy, yet fun.
The transcript of this part will be added to the transcript page!

Part 2 of The Quest on Google Videos
The Transcript

The Image Gallery

To get a better idea of how the filming took place, check out the image gallery! It has over a dozen pictures of the crew and more!

The Image Gallery

The First Part

It's finally here: the first part of The Quest! In the first 3,5 minutes of the movie you'll meet the main characters and our heroes will encounter their first obstacle: the gnome house!
It took Janneke a while to get this far, but I suppose all of us are familiar with the "insufficient memory" problem on our computers. Now that that problem's solved, we're expecting the following parts of the movie to come in faster. We'll keep you updated. For now we have a link for you guys to the first part of The Quest on GoogleVideos as well as a link to the transcript.
Feel free to leave your comments on the GoogleVideos page!

Part 1 of The Quest on Google Videos
The Transcript


Hi everybody and welcome to the English page of The Quest, the first fanmovie made by the crazy muggles of
In the summer of 2006, over a dozen Muggles got together to film the old Mugglemovie-script, which was written three years ago by Joost and Jessie.
Roy, Jonas (Jon), Jessie and Stefanie stood in front of the cameras, Janneke and Anne behind them and plenty of other Muggles lent a hand. The result of all the filming is being editted on the laptop of Janneke and will soon be available for everyone to see online.
For now we can only offer you a look at the trailer of The Quest. More information about the movie, including pictures, will follow shortly! Enjoy!

High Quality - Download it at Rapidshare
Low Quality - Watch it at Google Videos

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